Sample Dream Week Schedule

Plan 7 Days of
Blissfully Balanced

Dream-weeks consist of a combination of impactful client encounters and healthy routines for whole-body strength and renewal.

You will achieve the greatest success in developing High-Return Relationships when you consistently schedule healthy habits and routines to help you maintain a balance between laser-focused action and rejuvenating disengagement. This means balancing the action steps in your Healthcare Provider Schedules with routines for relaxing and strengthening your mind, body, & spirit.

 Sample Dream Week - Click for Larger Image

 Daily Recap 

Maintain a positive outlook by taking time at the end of each day to write down your accomplishments.

  • Set weekly goals for existing clients and promising prospects.
  • Playtime: Infuse your schedule with recreation, relaxing downtime, and other “zest factors” — including engaging in common interests with clients and colleagues.

Productive Playtime Ideas


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