Productive Playtime Ideas

Use ‘Downtime’
to Recharge,
& Connect

Playtime includes leisure activities and healthy routines for whole-body strength and renewal.

The “playtime” that you build into your schedule is your opportunity to balance your mind, body, & spirit and to forge deeper connections with your clients. By discovering common interests and scheduling time to engage in these interests together, you will extend your value proposition beyond the workplace. This is key to building long-term High-Return Relationships.

 Strengthen Your Body 
 Solo • One-on-One • Team 

Basketball    Bicycling    Golf    Football    Hiking    Kickboxing    Martial Arts    Pilates    Racquetball    Running    Skiing    Soccer    Softball    Surfing    Swimming    Tennis    Volleyball    Yoga    Zumba

  Sharpen Your Mind  
   Learn • Share • Grow 

Learn a foreign language
Take a computer class
Join a book club
Practice meditation
Take up a new musical instrument
Do crossword puzzles
Tackle Sudoku
Keep a Journal
Do industry research

 Relax & Recharge 
 Fun • Leisure • Zest 

Get a massage
Watch a movie
Do a jigsaw puzzle
Listen to music
Go bowling
Attend a concert
Play a board game
Draw & Paint
Go fishing
Visit a museum
Shoot billiards
Take a cooking class
Snap photos
Go sailing


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